Have you always wanted to play an instrument?
To be able to play your favourite song to your friends and family?
Or maybe you simply want to be able to explore a new hobby?
Then starting a course at Cultural Creative Corner would be perfect for you! Why not come and have your first trial lesson with our top class mentors (see “Request trial lesson”)?

~To us, no student is the same, therefore also study program is designed for each person separately.
We are not here to tell You what to do, we are here to help You get where You want to be.

~ Perhaps You have that little spark of wish, but not sure what to do with it?
No worries, we will guide You until You will find Your own path.

~ Our students regularly perform in our concert hall, as guests at European institutions, embassies and other venues.

~ All our mentors are renowned musicians, who successfully went through entrance examinations for most prestigious music conservatories, such as Royal Conservatory of Brussels, attended major competitions and are now regulars on the music stages across the world (Europe, Japan, United States,…)


A study shows:

“Music is a fundamental attribute of the human species. Virtually all cultures, from the most primitive to the most advanced, make music. It’s been true through history, and it’s true throughout an individual’s lifespan. In tune or not, we humans sing and hum; in time or not, we clap and sway; in step or not, we dance and bounce.

The human brain and nervous system are hard-wired to distinguish music from noise and to respond to rhythm and repetition, tones and tunes. Is this a biologic accident, or does it serve a purpose? It’s not possible to say. Still, a varied group of studies suggests that music may enhance human health and performance.”

Harvard Health Publishing, July 2011, Harvard Men’s Health Watch: Music and health,