We welcome students of all ages and levels, starting from the age of 4 years old.

How to find Your perfect combo:

It is up to You to decide whether You would prefer to learn on one-to-one basis (individual), share lesson with a friend (duo) or two of them (trio).

How long session should You choose? Don’t sweat! You can change Your mind along the way.
For the beginners it is advisable to have shorter sessions more often. For example: twice per week 30min, instead of one long 60min session. Does that sound ideal, but logistics don’t allow You to visit us twice in a week? Don’t worry, we offer also online lessons, which You can combine with on-the-spot lessons.
If You are already independent, know how to practice and just need some guidance, 1h sessions are a perfect choice for You.

Finally, behind every success there is a commitment. It will help You keep up everyday practice routine if You see Your teacher regularly.
Not sure You will like it? Perhaps start with the single visits.
Or do You like to pay Your bills monthly, and wish to keep on the safe side in case You need to quit in the middle of the academic year: choose monthly subscription or a cycle (3 months). And finally, for those who are ready to fully immerse in this experience: why not to use our special offer and commit for the whole academic year!

GROUP COURSES are a bit less flexible, but not less fun. You can choose to pay per visit if You are not ready to commit just yet. Otherwise, we create our program around the 3 months cycles, which makes it easier for You to join already existing groups, without feeling uncomfortable to ‘jump in, in the middle’.